About the Host

About us

Raised on Long Island, in 1988 my parents bought 55 acres in Franklin. I was 8 at the time and loved the open space to play and explore. My brother and I would spend afternoons looking for frogs in the water that ran down the mountain. I’d tie a rope around my waste, get into my imagination and become a mountain climber. We would play in the creek, explore the woods, climb trees…

Growing up on Long Island I explored the woods just as much, however, as much of the woods has become developed my kid haven’t experienced the same childhood. Upstate New York they get that opportunity to just walk out the door & explore. 

When I go to Franklin, it’s an instant feeling of serenity and for the kids it sparks their creative imaginations. We hope you’ll come and stay, unplug, and have some fun.  I love sharing the experience with others and showing them all the things we love about this area!

Respite Housing


We donate our home to Long Island children &  their families going through cancer treatment, one weekend each month. We know the stress & financial burden going through treatment brings, and would like to help by bringing a smile to these families in a relaxing and fun environment.

gold ribbon for childhood cancer