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Fly Creek Cider Mill

Nestled in the scenic heart of upstate New York, the Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard is a cherished destination that offers a delightful blend of tradition and innovation. Here, visitors are invited to embark on a sensory journey through the art of cider-making and apple-related products. The mill is not just a place to taste exceptional apple cider, but it’s also a living testament to history, showcasing vintage machinery and the time-honored craft of cider pressing. A stroll through the charming country store reveals a cornucopia of delectable treats, from fresh apple cider donuts to artisanal cheeses, fudge, and a wide array of gourmet products. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of upstate New York, the Fly Creek Cider Mill is a place where the past and present converge, and where the flavors of the region come to life in a way that’s both educational and mouthwateringly delicious.

The Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard’s foodservice is next to the Mill in a restored barn. The menu includes fresh baked goods, soups, sandwiches, beverages and ice cream.

Minutes from cabin: 56

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